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Amanda Marie

There is an immediate feeling of nostalgia in her work, an ‘I Know That From Somewhere’ feeling.  Her storybook imagery can feel edgy cute, but it is washed with mischief, and can be a bit spooky.   Her work is Child-Like, but not Childish.  The paintings are allegorical and proverbial.

Overall, it’s pretty easy to see how her paintings appeal to so many, while also keeping the fickle in the fold. From Lawyers to Hipsters, and from Doctors to Designers her work is simply smart and appealing.


Project Space: ‘Gravity Garden’

Supported by: Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam


For Moniker 2012, Amanda will create a ‘Gravity Garden’ of children gently falling through wonderfully endless skies painted directly on the walls.  It will be a spooky oasis.