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We Are Moniker

Moniker Art Fair has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting contemporary art festivals with its roots embedded in urban culture.

Founded in 2010 in London, UK, Moniker spotlights emerging and established talent from a burgeoning and increasingly diverse contemporary art movement forged by its subversive and innovative spirit, attracting some of the most talked about artists, galleries and collectors from the finer side of the street art movement and its related subcultures.


Over the past decade Moniker has produced 12 curated festivals in London

and New York, immersive installations and exhibitions in Berlin and Leeds, public murals and memorable brand partnerships, among countless conferences and educational activations. 

Moniker's attention to detail, authentic approach and curatorial focus has continued to position Moniker as a torchbearer and thought leader for contemporary art and urban culture.

Moniker is directed by Tina Ziegler and managed by The Conversion Group.

The Moniker brand portfolio includes

Moniker Art Fair, Moniker Editions, Moniker Culture and The Moniker Foundation.



Originally from California, Ziegler has curated over 300 exhibitions and has worked personally with thousands of artists from across the globe. She is recognized for her dedication to the urban art movement and helping it become part of the global art market stage. Her exhibitions are highly curated, immersive and present the public a unique opportunity to engage with street art and new contemporary culture.


Since 2015 Ziegler has held the position as director and curator of Moniker International Art Fair and has played a key role within the fair since 2011. Under her management, Ziegler has taken Moniker to the global stage, and helped the fair quickly become the world's most important art fair for the Urban and New Contemporary art movement, specializing in immersive installations and quality curation. Ziegler is also an avid art collector with over 100+ artworks within The Ziegler Collection.

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