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Established in 2010, Moniker Art Fair has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting contemporary art fairs with it’s roots embedded in urban culture.

Now in its 9th year, Moniker Art Fair aims to spotlight emerging and established talent from a burgeoning and increasingly diverse contemporary art movement forged by its subversive and innovative spirit. Moniker Art Fair attracts some of the most talked about artists, galleries and collectors from the finer side of the street art movement and its related subcultures.

Moniker rallies against the familiar grind of the art fair season with a curated, experiential and immersive focus, creating unique settings for the display of artists and their work. With a proven track record of delivering a rich and varied programme, the fair has grown significantly since its inception both in terms of audience and relevance.


Moniker Art Fair’s unique programme:


Established galleries, projects and curators with an extensive track record of exhibiting the finest and most recognized  artists from the new contemporary and urban art movement.


Showcasing the best from the urban contemporary scenes means taking risks on new contenders: each year, Moniker gives space to galleries who have been in operation for two years or less, allowing them equal footing alongside giants of the art world in an effort to shine a light on artists that are deserving of new audiences no matter how recently they have been discovered.


To better connect artists with the public, Moniker encourages the creation of Open Studio spaces across the breadth of the fair. These bespoke stands are designed as immersive, interactive and educative concepts by the artists themselves, bringing greater context to their work and an insight into its creation.


Moniker has for a long time now reached beyond the traditional trappings of art fairs, making its voice heard through mural programmes, film and music showcases, an ongoing cultural calendar of events and talks/debates in collaboration with The Arts Conference. Just as urban art itself influences more than city walls and canvases, Moniker follows suit, giving its guests and supporters access to multimedia, multidisciplinary opportunities throughout and outside of each fair edition.

Next Moniker: 2 - 5 May 2019 | New York