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In 2016, Moniker Art Fair took further steps to shine the spot light on emerging talent with the Open Studios programme, a section of the fair dedicated to showcasing individual artists and their ‘work in progress.’

Colin McMaster’s  Open Studio ‘If you were still around‘ was only recently finished, after a year of false starts, and an unresolved main protagonist. We talked to the artist about his experience and what happened at Moniker 2016.

Q: How was your experience at Moniker from the artist’s point of view? 
Knowing Moniker Art Fair and its ethos, I was confident that I wouldn’t be ‘snow-blind’ with four white walls, surrounded by similar stands. The spaces were guaranteed to be inventive, which encouraged me to make mine stand out.
Q: What did you gain during these four days of back to back conversations with visitors?
The good thing about participating is the condensed feedback you receive. With a guaranteed 14,000 people over the four days, it meant a concentrated hit of what pieces worked and what lured people into a space or perversely would have told me if I’d reversed thematically into a cul-de-sac. Rewarding, and although tiring, Moniker did give me energy and confidence to start work again as soon as I could. It also made me realise that everyone was pleased to see and meet the person behind the work.

Q: Will you be joining Moniker’s Open Studios programme in 2017?
Absolutely and I expect to present a completely new body of work for the fair.

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