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Artist Spotlight | Moniker Foundation


Foundation Artist Spotlight: EGLE ZVIRBLYTE 

Egle is a Lithuanian artist and illustrator based in London. She creates bright and punchy character-based work that is both tongue-in cheek and touches upon deeper humanistic topics.

In her personal practice Egle explores themes of identity, spirituality, personal transformation, as well as connection of humans with their bodies, each other and the world.


Commissioned by Moniker Art Fair, this fully functioning bar had to reflect the “Circus” theme of the fair and be flat-packable for transportation.

The title and concept of the bar is Carousel of More Nirvana, an oxymoron: we keep chasing that kick, that dream, that illusion of success, which is just one step away, just around the corner if you just keep going, work harder, spend more, look better. And yet it’s never enough, so we just go for another spin time after time.

We’ll take three nirvanas to go, please!

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