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Artist Spotlight 2018 | Brooklyn

Egle Zvirblyte


Moniker Artist Spotlight: Egle Zvirblyte 

Solo show at Moniker Art Fair 2018 in Brooklyn, New York


Egle is a Lithuanian artist and illustrator based in London. She creates bright, punchy and irreverent work that has a strong presence but also is relatable and funny. Besides spending more than 10 years in London, she has lived in Melbourne, Tokyo, Bali and Barcelona, working for clients worldwide in branding, fashion, advertising, product design and editorial.

Alongside her commercial work, Egle has exhibited her art in New York, Miami, London, Tokyo, Melbourne, Madrid, Milan, Dublin, Zurich, Barcelona, Brussels and Utrecht.

In her personal practice Egle explores the themes of identity, transformation, human connection and female power.

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