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Artist Spotlight 2018 | Brooklyn



Moniker Artist Spotlight: Faith47 & Taezoo

Solo show at Moniker Art Fair 2019 in New York City

For the 2018 New York Moniker Art Fair, Taezoo Park and Faith XLVII created a collaborative installation which combines two of their individual new media projects resulting in an intimate reflection of our inner world and the world of technology.

Taezoo’s ‘TV BEING-010’ and Faith’s ‘UPPER ATMOSPHERIC LIGHTNING’ merge together to form a multi-screen installation.

Through symbolic visual imagery, the narratives explore emotive and digital codes, questioning our innate connectivity. The separate visuals play simultaneously to form one chaotic yet collective whole, woven together to craft a haunting and ethereal narrative.The merging of the two explorations offers a unique look at the symbiotic relationship between the emotional intimacy of man and the hidden digital soul of the machine.

Taezoo’s Digital Being is created by discarded and forgotten technology while Faith’s multiple impressions were created on Faith XLVII’s travels with various collaborators; Dane Dodds, Inka Kendzia, Jess X Chen, Zane Meyer and Simone Rademeyer.

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