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Artist Spotlight 2018 | New York



Moniker Artist Spotlight: Christian Boehmer

Solo show at Moniker Art Fair 2018 in Manhattan, New York


Christian Boehmer has his roots in the graffiti movement of the late 1990´s,  which is  still a leading part of his colorful and dynamic  style of working.

The basis of his  current period of work is portrait painting, which he  abstracts in his  own unique  way.

Christian Boehmer´s artwork shows people in  the  contrast between anonymity and self-expression, between egoism and self-criticism. He disclaims the people´s  heads  and uses  paper bags instead, which can carry  or express  a deeper message, that goes beyond the pure  representation itself.

On the one hand, the paper bag itself is the easiest way to self masquerade, but also an abstract way to construct an uniformity, that makes the single person be part of an undefined mass. Although the masses of mankind tries  to underline it´s uniqueness via social media, we all are equal.


„We wear masks not to hide, but to reveal hidden parts of ourselves“

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