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Artist Spotlight 2019 | Chelsea


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Moniker Artist Spotlight: MIKKEL ULLAH

Solo show at Moniker Art Fair 2019 in Chelsea, London.


Leeds artist Mikkel turned to art as a means of rehabilitation and therapy after being diagnosed with an autoimmune illness.


Whilst in remission she suffered a stroke, which led to her having to relearn many skills including speech and mobility, in turn forcing her to reconsider the scale and materials used in her work. She has since explored new ways of working on her pop-culture interpretations, wielding spray paint household paint and acrylics.


Collaborating extensively with musicians, dancers, and artists from different backgrounds, she has also delivered intergenerational community projects with people from the ages of nine to 90. Mikkel aims to help nurture talent and confidence in young people, who struggle to access creativity, and the elderly, who can become very isolated.

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