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2018 London Exhibitors

UNCENSORED // Co-Curated by Urban Nation Museum

Moniker in partnership with Urban Nation Museum present UNCENSORED, a wholly unfiltered and unrestricted celebration of the revolutionary elements of urban contemporary art. Humanity has been failed on a fundamental level by those in power: a loss of ecological moralities; the embracement of corporate greed; inequalities rife between gender, race and social class.Traditionally, urban contemporary art has acted as a powerful voice in an attempt to highlight these crimes and enact societal change, but as the scene have been embraced by the public, inevitable commoditisation has strangled those initial intentions.UNCENSORED – an immersive installation hall that has provided a platform for the artists unafraid of calling out the injustice we are currently experiencing across the world, those who have understood that the evolution of urban art does not mean abandoning its core values.
We invite you to participate and understand the power we all hold to create real and impactful change. In partnership with Urban Nation, Moniker continues to remain unashamed, unafraid and uncensored.


Exhibiting Artists: