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Since 2010, Moniker has been consistent in presenting a highly curated unique art fair experience, breaking the norms of the traditional white wall art fair.

Known for it's immersive installations that engage with visitors, Moniker's fair experience includes that of leading international galleries, collected artists paired with young curators and commissioned artist installations. Moniker's five day festivals taking place during Frieze Art Week in London and New York have attracted art collectors, established press and art influencers in the thousands.


Moniker has been the place to see and engage with the freshest and most important artists from the increasingly popular urban and street art genre


Explore our previous fair's experience through our videos below.

Arts Unknown  - The Pilot

Arts Unknown - The Pilot

ARTS UNKNOWN is a new arts and travel documentary series spotlighting talented emerging artists from across the world. With a combined 25 years curating diverse, dynamic and thought-provoking exhibitions across the world, Tina Ziegler and Calum Hall embark on a worldwide mission to shine a light on the creative stars the world needs to know about. Tina and Calum have a shared passion to democratise the art world and create a bridge between artists and art lovers and ARTS UNKNOWN is the perfect vehicle for conversation and celebration. Creating the pilot to ARTS UNKNOWN has been an incredible experience and one that we will cherish forever. We started out with totally open minds, letting our experiences and interactions guide the narrative of the show. What we highlighted are talented creative communities trying to have their voices heard, with so many odds stacked against them. ARTS UNKNOWN is on a mission to shine a light on these creatives, providing a bridge between artists and art lovers from around the world with a focus on creative culture and new technology. This is only the beginning of an amazing journey. Ideas for future episodes: • Each episode to feature 1 location. This will ensure deeper story telling, more consistency in narrative and also the ability to explore the location in more detail • Guest presenter for each episode to be a local artist/ curator • Dedicated sound engineer • Additional camera operator for more variety of shots and better interview coverage • Episode intro to include headline info about Tina + Calum to show experience/ context • More b-roll for improved story telling + scene setting • Series roundup to feature legacy of the show. Eg artists we have supported, event/ activations we have hosted in the locations • Improved narrative arch so it’s easier for the viewer to understand the mission and the purpose. Visit us:
Carbon Conscious and Waste Aware Street Art Mural by INSA

Carbon Conscious and Waste Aware Street Art Mural by INSA

Moniker Culture: Carbon Conscious and Waste Aware mural in Leeds with INSA It’s not everyday that a city wall can actively be a fight against urban pollution, but the new mural on Wharf Chambers, supported by the Yorkshire Design Group aims to do just that. Globally recognized artist, INSA, returns to his home city of Leeds to produce his first large scale artwork in the city centre after originally starting his graffiti and art career over 20 years ago. The artist brings with him a positive message and vibrancy of color that is much welcomed in the dark days of a Northern winter. Reaching 13 meters high and 11 meters wide, the artwork features a rainbow sunset gradient across the background with bold line work that hopes to communicate the need for all of us to protect our precious mother earth. The image reflecting an interconnected human effort to protect and nurture the future generations and the planet. Not only is the work visually impressive and brings some much needed color to the city centre, but its message is a powerful one. “ For this Mural, it was time my pattern grew up, removed its heels and breathed! I wanted the work to be embracing itself, nurturing its own future as the paint on the wall does its job breathing in the CO2 around it…” - Artist, INSA INSA and curator Tina Ziegler, Director of Moniker Art Fair have set out to document if it was possible to create a carbon conscious and waste aware mural even in the most challenging of times. To do so, they asked themselves if they could successfully cut down on the overall emissions, reduce waste and be conscious about every element of the mural to see if they could minimize the negative impact on the planet. The ‘living and breathing’ mural is painted using Graphenstone Biosphere paint, the worlds most certified green brand. Due to their natural and ecological composition, the raw materials used to manufacture Graphenstone paints are not only free of toxic components but also help in the reduction of air pollution. In this way, healthier indoor and outdoor spaces are achieved. CO2 Absorption Declaration Study proves that Graphenstone’s lime-based paints absorb CO2 from the environment during their carbonation process. The mural will actively absorb the same amount of CO2 as an adult tree in just three years. “Its not about perfection, but about intention. A step by step approach to positive change.” - Curator, Tina Ziegler Not only is the mural essentially more sustainable from a production point of view, but analyzing the lifestyle around the project, the artist took careful consideration to change his habits and plan ahead, shop local, buy organic, eat no meat, and try to live with minimal waste. Where they found it impossible, they have offset those emissions by using a carbon calculator with World Land Trust and have donated back to protecting vital eco-systems around the world. Full report: Photo and Film by Peter Ritson @peterritsonphotography
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