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Artist Spotlight | Moniker Foundation


Foundation Artist Spotlight: KAILI SMITH 

Kaili Smith was born in the Netherlands (1995) and raised in Australia. Now working between Amsterdam and New York for the past 8 years.

Kaili’s current work examines inner-city youth culture, offering alternative perspectives through paintings and film. The work is influenced by his upbringing and experiences growing up, as well as art teaching and research into behavioral psychology.


Royal Benching is a work that was an ode to the graffiti term "Benching"  which was founded in the 70's New York as a term for sitting at a station bench watching freshly painted murals go by on trains. This term spread through youth culture across the world, and was also used as a common place for young kids to meet and hang out. The origins of the reference take place in two different cities, which although accidental, add on to the way this term and culture has moved throughout inner cities in different continents. The couch and children were photographed in my studio in the Bronx, New York, whereas the park and apartment building were photographed in Amsterdam North behind where my father lives.


As an artist knowing your work ends up in good hands is a priceless feeling. Having worked with Moniker since 2018 and knowing what they stand for in the arts, makes me extremely happy that this work will find a home with Moniker Foundations. I have gotten to have the honor of having this work shown in different places in the world from LA to the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, I believe that it being part of the foundation gives it a chance for a long life, where it will still at times be available to communicate to the public. As an artist who specialize in large works, the support of foundations like Moniker make it possible to continue making art in such an unrestrained manner, and for that I will forever be Thankful.

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