Over the past two years, Moniker has grown into a diverse arts platform, adding various verticals to the growing brand portfolio. Moniker Art Fair has developed into Moniker Culture, Moniker Editions, The Moniker Foundation and now, The Moniker Marketplace.

Moniker’s mission is to shine a spotlight on both emerging and established talent from the New Contemporary art movement, attracting some of the most talked about artists, galleries and collectors to our community. 

Looking forward, we believe in the future of digital art collecting and we aim to bring our expertise and vision to this exciting and vibrant expanding space.


What makes The Moniker Marketplace special?

• Curated: We present a highly curated selection of digital art through the eyes of our artists and independent curators. 

• Flexible: Working across multiple blockchains, we have the flexibility to mint on the right chain for the project.

• Secure: No crypto wallet is required to connect. Easily collect digital artworks with Fiat, Crypto, Paypal and Google Pay. 

• Accessible: Applications are open to artists, galleries and curators to apply to be a part of Moniker’s digital marketplace. 

Join the future of Moniker, Join MM.

Applications are now open to artists, galleries and independent curators. Please complete the form below and a member of our digital art team will be in contact.

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