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Sonoro, A Solo Exhibition by 2ALAS at Urban Nation, Berlin

In September 2018 as part of the Berlin Biannual, Moniker CULTURE in its first partnership Urban Nation Berlin presented the works of 2ALAS at Project M Space.

For SONORO 2AlAS explores the materialistic excesses that have lead society on a race to the bottom - dressed up as “progress”, and the notional cure that exists in the forms of renewal, repurposing and reinvention. To represent this, Andrew Antonaccio of 2 Alas manipulates garbage cans to create light and sound installation, forcing attention on consumer culture and materialism.

An American street artist based in Miami, Andrew Antonaccio, also known as part of the duo 2 Alas, is mainly known f

or his b

lack and white linear portraits and colored geometric abstractions, both of which are a frequent element of his creative output. His work mainly focuses on the juxtaposition of conventional aesthetics and the digital medium.Titled Sonoro, the exhibition presents the artist's latest body of work which grapples with the social and environmental crisis as it reaches an unprecedented scale. The show is first in the exhibition series curated as site-specific presentations of different sides of the numerous challenges faced by those suffering, reporting-on and actively combatting the slide towards disaster.

The exhibition was curated by Tina Ziegler, Director of Moniker Art Fair.



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