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Story Time with 45RPM

Over the past year, Covid-19 has affected all of us. We have watched the world turn up side down and industries across the world come to a total stop. As an art fair, our whole business and work was focused on bringing people together in a physical space to experience artwork in the flesh. Having to move our thinking and working purely in the digital space has been a hard thing to adjust to, and it shows us just how difficult it is to take that valued and unique Moniker experience online. We took some time over lock-down to check in with our artists and how they are spending their time. As you can imagine, many artists and curators work in isolation most of time, so for some artists not that much has changed in regards to their day to day routine. Artist 45RPM has been a nice distraction from the daily news heading. His fun characters, cheeky catch phrases and fresh illustration are always a nice way to distract ourselves from what lurks outside.

We asked 45RPM what he has been up to during lock down, he kindly invited us digitally into this studio which sits in his garden and shared with us his they are:

" I'm based in Bristol UK, and Self-isolating at home now so not going to my Studio in the city centre, I've turned my small shed into a mini studio so I can keep painting with One-shot paint which stinks my house out!. So acrylic canvases indoors and enamel work outside, which is working great. And means something always needs a coat of paint so I'm filling my days. I'm currently chipping away at a heap of canvases so I can arrange a show when the madness is over, Its nice to be painting without a show deadline and its made we experiment loads more, the direction I'm going in is a lot freer because of this lockdown. I'm finding that getting up at the same time with an alarm and having structured days is really helping brain wise, I'm not painting into the night so I don't lose track of days or hours, so structure would be my advice to others!"

Go check out his highly entertaining instagram:



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