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The Moniker Foundation, building a collection and supporting the arts.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The Moniker Foundation Established in 2020 The Moniker Foundation was created to celebrate the world of Urban and New Contemporary art. The foundation works to build the reputation of Urban and New Contemporary art with the public and to support artists. It does this through public displays of art, the commission of original artworks, sculpture and installations and the creation of educational programmes and links. The foundation further acts to document and preserve the origins and history of Urban and New Contemporary art to build understanding and appreciation.

The Moniker Foundation aims to: • Build a collection that documents Urban and New Contemporary art • Create a public showcase for the breadth of Urban and New Contemporary art • Help to support and develop the artists, careers and creative practices • Develop educational resources for artists, curators and art collectors • Establish dialogue with our network of leading figures within Urban and New Contemporary art • Document the growth and development of Urban, Street, Graffiti and New Contemporary art • Create a platform for the Moniker Collection to be loved, admired and engaged with Over the coming years, the Moniker Foundation will continue to build on the 10 year legacy of the Moniker Art Fair to support and encourage the growth of the contemporary art market, being a leading supporter to the artists, galleries and curators that have helped develop the subculture.

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