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    As part of our Moniker Editions print programme, we are excited to be dropping a new limited edition print with the talented young Dustin Emory from Atlanta, Georgia from the 15th - 21st of February.

    Someone’s Son
    Shows 4 Libyan boys in 2016 waiting for their imminent sale into slavery. The time clock exemplifies an end to their freedom.


    Print size: 15 x 15 inches

    Medium: Printed with the finest archival printing techniques on HahnemuhleGerman etching 310GSM paper

    Signed and numbered by the artist

    COA by Moniker Editions

    15% of profits donated to the Polaris project to help end Human trafficking

    Follow Emory's work:

    • About the Artist

      My name is Dustin Emory and I am a painter from Atlanta, Georgia. I started painting a little less than two years ago due to my second spine surgery. I was bed ridden and became irritably bored so i decided I would try my hand at watercolor painting. In no way did I think it would lead to a passion for painting that I have now but I was definitely surprised with the outcome of the painting. Ever since then, I have painted every day and my passion for art grows more and more each day. My art is centered around human life. Whether it be a 90 year old lady, a homeless man, or a gang member, I want to capture each person in the same light; we all deserve life and should respect that. Art has taken over my life and I work everyday to make this a full time career.

      “In his paintings, Emory explores current issues, hoping to make a difference in the world. Through interplay of light and shadow and an often-monochromatic palette with perhaps a shock of color, sometimes a neon effect, his large canvases are uncannily realistic. Filling the foregrounds, the figures convey emotion through both expression and posture. They make viewers ‘feel as if they are in the image, grappling with the issue’”
      -Ellen Samsell Salas, Family Life Magazine


    • About the Charity

      15% of profits will be donated to the Polaris project to help end Human trafficking

      Polaris is leading a data-driven social justice movement to fight sex and labor trafficking at the massive scale of the problem – 25 million people worldwide deprived of the freedom to choose how they live and work. For more than a decade, Polaris has assisted thousands of victims and survivors through the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline, helped ensure countless traffickers were held accountable and built the largest known U.S. data set on actual trafficking experiences. With the guidance of survivors, we use that data to improve the way trafficking is identified, how victims and survivors are assisted, and how communities, businesses and governments can prevent human trafficking by transforming the underlying inequities and oppressions that make it possible.

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