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The Messengers by Ken Nwadiogbu
  • The Messengers by Ken Nwadiogbu

    Title: The Messengers

    Paper: Printed with the finest archival printing techiniques on Hahnemuhle German etching 310GSM paper

    Size: 15 x 15 inches, with a one inch white border around the print

    Year: 2021

    Each print is Signed and numbered by the artist

    On sale from 15th - 21st of October

    Edition number will be dependent on amount sold during the 7 day timed release

    Price: 200 GBP


    Description of the artwork:


    " With everything happening around the world, I was moved to create something that spreads the message of love and freedom. ‘The Messengers’ was created to do this with imagery that question our thoughts about this topic. In a way, it asks you to evaluate truth and freedom, peace and love, and strength in diversity."  - Ken


    Curbed from #WalkTogether:

    Peace is the essential freedom, from which all others flow. When peace is absent, the most fundamental of human rights are denied: the rights to safety, dignity, protection and self-expression. Identity itself can be erased by the lack of peace.


    The legacy of Nelson Mandela and his example of magnanimity, empathy, truth and reconciliation must be at the heart of every struggle for freedom, now and in the future. If Freedom for Peace is to be achieved then we all must rise above our narrow concerns and embrace the common humanity that binds us all together from the cradle to the grave.


    15% of proceeds will be donated to Foladavid Foundation. A Nigerian Foundation born out of passion for healthcare and creativity. Their major aim is to ensure healthy and promote wellbeing for all ages and foster a culture of creativity in children as a means to empower their communities. 

    • About the Artist

      Ken Nwadiogbu (b. 1994, Lagos, Nigeria) is a full time visual artist who creates innovative conceptual drawings on various surfaces as he engages in multidisciplinary modes of storytelling. Gender equality, African culture, and Black power are a few aspects of his current research and artistic practice. 

      Nwadiogbu earned a B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. His interest in art, as well as his career began while he earned his degree despite no formal training. Inspired by issues relating to him and those around, he began creating works that reflect the everyday struggles of people, with the hopes of making a change in his community. 

      Popularly known as KenArt, Nwadiogbu is credited for introducing the “Contemporealism” movement and was recently named by Guardian Life as one of the most “Outstanding Personalities of 2019” in recognition of his contributions to the Nigerian arts community.

      A core focus for Nwadiogbu is to inspire and encourage young creatives. He does this through public speaking and mentorship, as well as through his creative companies; Artland Contemporary Limited and KINGS Management. He nurtures an art collective called ‘Title Deed’ and co-found Artists Connect NG, the largest artist gathering in Nigeria, created to foster creativity, collaboration and community. 

      Ken Nwadiogbu is constantly revitalising his practice by challenging modes of Black representation. His oeuvres do not just encompass various forms of drawing using charcoal, collage, and acrylic, but most recently transcends into photography, sculpture, installation and performance art.

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