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Art Hound Gallery / UK

The Art Hound Gallery is Cambridge’s (formerly King’s Road, London) premier modern & contemporary art gallery, a unique urban art experience in a country setting.

The Art Hound are proud to champion the process of original print-making and have close connections to some of the UK’s master printmakers, as well as representing some of the most exciting emerging artists working in experimental print techniques today.

For Moniker 2018, the gallery presents much-loved artist Lauren Baker, who has drawn inspiration from NASA’s famous Hubble telescope to create a new series of works. When Hubble focused in on a seemingly unremarkable area of deep space, 100 billion new galaxies were discovered, revealing the true nature of The Immensity of the Universe.

Baker’s latest light art creations are inspired by these mind expanding discoveries, inviting us to reflect upon the complexity and endless possibilities of the universe.

Her show at Moniker features both large-scale installations and her new series “Explosion Art”, debuting at the fair.


Artwork: ‘Explosion (Yellow)’ by Lauren Baker