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Bom.K / France

Parisian-born Bom.K has been a part of the urban art and graffiti scene since 1990, rising to prominence in 1999 as a co-founder of Da Mental Vaporz (DMV) crew. With influences including James Prigoff, Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper, what began as quick tags and throw-ups has graduated to far larger creations.

Earning a reputation for brutal, dirty and aggressive depictions of the world through huge, sinister frescoes, his work has found favour in exhibitions held in the likes of Paris, Denmark, LA and Berlin, and has since expanded into the creation of books, statuettes, prints and posters.

Bom K’s new work creates otherworldly hybrids, melding gonzo art with nude bodies, painted onto cinemascope-size canvases; a print release exemplifying Bom.K’s recent output is available to buy on site at Moniker as part of his London show.


Artwork : ‘Berger’ by Bom.K