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Jewel Goodby Contemporary / UK

Jewel Goodby is a curator and gallerist based in London, working with urban and contemporary artists across multidisciplinary mediums.

Originally from Armenia, Goodby has lived in Moscow, Cyprus, LA, Las Vegas and now London, keeping her exhibits current and varied by discovering and connecting with new talent alongside a roster of acclaimed and established artists.

She has appeared in both Shoreditch and Brooklyn at previous Moniker fairs, and for this edition exhibits the distinct ‘urban aesthetics’ of Fin DAC and epic muralist Kevin Ledo (both of whom are known globally for their large-scale street murals), metal-as-a-medium portraiture by Matt Small, the historically manipulative intrigues of Masha Gusova and the fractured, vibrant juxtapositional portraits of Danny O’Connor.


Artwork: ‘June’ by Masha Gusova