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Landmark Gallery / UK

Since taking control of a long established and successful gallery in Cumbria, Ben Heslop has worked hard to engrain himself in the physical gallery space as well as online.  

The aim of Landmark Street Art has been to build on Heslop’s own personal interest in street and contemporary art and bring his passion for beautification of public spaces, making people more aware of their surroundings through questions and colour in the city he lives and works.

Forging links directly with the artists he loves and collects himself, Heslop has made strong links with a truly world-wide selection of some of the best in the business.  

For Moniker he presents a selection of Ben Eine’s ever-coveted works alongside the stencilled deviations of Tabby and the mini-figure magnificence of Ame72, each unique artists bringing intrigue and joy to public spaces.


Artwork: ‘The sound of Uzi’s’ by Tabby