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LEK & SOWAT / France

The MAZE, an immersive installation/strong>
Artists: Lek & Sowat

For their Moniker debut, Franco-American artists Lek & Sowat have chosen to transform the fair’s entrance into an ephemeral maze, a dark spiderweb made of plastic, fabric, metal and light.

True to their urban roots and obsession with abandoned buildings, the duo deploy an abstract Ariadne’s thread all along the building’s top floor, inviting the public to lose themselves inside the Old Truman Brewery’s  industrial architecture.

In the background, the soft voice of Marcel Duchamp echoes through the derelict space, as if speaking from beyond the grave. Interviewed in 1956 by former director of the Guggenheim museum James Johnson Sweeney, the artist describes the trials and tribulations he faced during his career, reflecting most of the questions and challenges that Lek & Sowat – as well as some of their fellow urban artists – face nowadays.

Image: Lek & Sowat