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UTAH & ETHER / Worldwide

Uncensored Installation Hall

Featured artists: UTAH & ETHER

UTAH and ETHER are mixed media artists hailing from New York City and Chicago, respectively. They have garnered global recognition for their vandalism and art. Their works can be viewed on walls and trains spanning across 6 continents, in cities such as Buenos Aires, Paris, Milan, Melbourne, New York, Beijing and Tokyo.

In addition to traditional graffiti, the couple utilize video, photography, sculpture, installations and social media to create a dialog between the safety of the gallery setting and the vitality of painting in the streets illegally.  With their work the artists dare to challenge the viewer to confront traditional beliefs concerning personal and public property, and the social context of vandalism. To date they have filmed, edited and produced a number of short films and have published numerous zines and books.

Their latest work, entitled Probation Vacation: Lost In Asia, a multimedia project which combines a monograph of stories and photographs with a 12 Episode series of videos, all documenting their 5 years spent traveling across Asia. They have been featured in international publications and have exhibited their artwork in galleries worldwide.