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Vermibus / Spain

Vermibus features in one of this year’s Open Studio spaces, a chance for guests of Moniker to step into the inner workings of a contemporary talent seldom so candid about his work and thought processes.

The Spanish-born, Berlin-based artist and activist has developed a thoroughly unique technique to create his works: what begin as poster advertisements are deconstructed with layers of solvent to break down colours and lines, forming new characters and interpretations in a skewed reimagining of a media machine obsessed with aesthetics and contemporary standards of beauty.

His new work debuting at Moniker this year, Brutally Human, sees the artist turn his attention to the philosophies of Ernst Cassirer, exploring just how much humanity has become a slave to its over-development over sentience, itself a part and parcel of the human condition.

In this exhibition, the artist reflects on the fights that shape the body, the tensions that the human being has naturally in its existence. Behind this new series of works we can find the urge of the artist to point out the necessity of finding a meaning away from external inputs.


Artwork: Brutally Human – Crouching Woman by Vermibus