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Vinyl on Vinyl / Philippines

Hailing from the Philippines, gallery Vinyl on Vinyl features modern-day pop culture artists working in surrealism, after-modernism, underground and street art, along with other emerging and unexplored genres.

Specifically, Vinyl on Vinyl aims to showcase a distinct perspective of South East Asian Art, selecting those artists who delve into various contemporary and cultural interests as well as immediate experiences through nuanced visual language and technique.

At Moniker those works include the positive/negative juxtapositional  dreamscapes of Reen Barrera, the larger-than-life colourful characters of Chalk Zaldivar, the forceful, character-driven pop-art creations of Wyndelle Remonde, the inevitable slide of utopia into dystopia depicted by Ajim Juxta, and the pop-culture deviations of Kobusher.


Artwork: ‘Lucky Day’ by Reen Barrera