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Artist Spotlight | Moniker Foundation


Foundation Artist Spotlight: YOK & SHERYO

Yok & Sheryoʼs artwork is symbiotic with their life of travel and adventure. 

Their art exists in “Yeahnahnesia,” a fictional tropical island with rich, made-up tales of mythology, deities, philosophies, religion, animals and landscapes and a ton of archaeological treasures yet to be found.

They weave their unique brand of cultural syncretism into irreverent, riotous, mixed-media paintings, murals and sculptures. Most recently, they have been creating frivolous “temples” and “shrines” that provide humorous commentaries on societyʼs mercurial lifestyles.


As “Spotlight Artists” for the Moniker Art Fair 2019, You and Sheryo take-over the entire front facade on Broadway, NY, and introduced their family of characters inspired by SEasia and  Brooklyn. They also debuted otheir multi-dimensional “Cobra King” Totem.

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