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Moniker Book Cover.jpeg

Contemporary Art
Rooted in
Urban Culture

With unwavering commitment and a passion for supporting emerging and established artists, Moniker emerged in 2010 in London as a leading force in the urban art scene, challenging the traditional art fair format while showcasing groundbreaking works that challenge societal norms and captivate audiences worldwide. 

This publication serves as a celebration of the Moniker brand, encapsulating the remarkable journey and the profound impact it had on cementing the urban art movement.


Through its 350 pages, readers will embark on a visual exploration of the vibrant expression found within urban art, showcasing the diverse range of artists who have graced the fair's halls and galleries. 


Discover the special collection of prints and merchandise from Moniker, An Origin Story, an exhibition at STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam celebrating buZ blurr and Bill Daniel.

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